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#1 WHOIS History Database with extensive historical domain coverage

Get access to a comprehensive and well-parsed historical WHOIS database resulting from 14+ years of data aggregation and partnerships.

#1 WHOIS History Database with extensive historical domain coverage
774 Million+Domains tracked
20.0 Billion+WHOIS records
7,596+TLDs and ccTLDs tracked
52,000+Satisfied customers

We provide historical WHOIS data that is:

  • Exhaustive

    We have over 20.0 billion historical WHOIS records obtained from tracking more than 774 million domains across more than 7,596 top-level domains (TLDs). More historical data is added to our domain history database every day as we continue our data crawling activities.

  • Reliable

    Our data gathering methods have been perfected after more than 14 years of data crawling. We provide accurate and reliable WHOIS history intelligence to thousands of happy customers.

  • Well-parsed

    We want to make it easy for customers to use our domain ownership history data. As such, our historical WHOIS database is already clean, parsed, and structured, making it readily integrable into existing systems.

What is a WHOIS history database?

A WHOIS history database, also known as a domain history database, is a repository of WHOIS records used to track historical domain registration changes and ownership details prior to WHOIS record redaction.

What is a WHOIS history database?

Practical uses

Bolster cybersecurity platforms

Bolster cybersecurity platforms
  • Protect your organization from domains that are associated with known cybercriminals. Integrate a domain history database into your security systems to find associations with malicious actors.
  • Include the examination of historical WHOIS records in your third-party risk assessment and monitoring strategies. Integrating WHOIS History Database into systems makes risk monitoring and management more robust and comprehensive.
  • Enrich cybersecurity platforms with historical domain ownership data. A domain history database can help protect clients from suspicious registrants, known threat actors, and trademark infringers. Even when their current WHOIS records have been redacted or privacy-protected, the database enables your platforms to flag domains that have historical ties to them.
  • Use WHOIS History to strengthen digital risk protection and contextualize IoCs—such as hostnames, IP addresses, and email addresses—found on deep web forums and pastebins and to execute enrichment and pivot queries.

Enhance domain name investing and registrar activities

  • Make sure to check the past ownership records of any domain name you are interested in. Historical associations can affect domains’ sellability in the future and could result in either a loss. Build your domain portfolio with the help of a historical WHOIS database.
  • Build a high-quality domain portfolio by learning from top industry players. Study the past and present domain portfolios of successful domain name investors. A domain history database allows you to get insights into trends in the domaining world.
  • Immediately act on domain ownership movements by monitoring changes in WHOIS records. Registrars can make better business decisions regarding domain name transfers and acquisitions by looking into historical WHOIS records.
Enhance domain name investing and registrar activities
Enrich cybercrime investigations

Enrich cybercrime investigations

  • Privacy protection and WHOIS record redaction are among the first roadblocks that cybercrime investigators and law enforcers face. They can find out more about erring domains by looking into their historical WHOIS footprints.
  • Cybercriminals have identifiable information that law enforcers and cybercrime investigators can use as starting points for investigations. With billions of historical WHOIS records, WHOIS History Database can provide investigators with more clues and additional data points. Domains associated with threat actors are revealed, along with other WHOIS record details that shed light on ongoing investigations.
  • Create an attacker profile by digging up the domain ownership of a known threat actor. The past and present domain portfolios of cybercriminals can tell a story and reveal a penchant for specific domain name types. Recognizing a pattern among the domains you dig up from WHOIS History Database can help solve a specific cybercrime.
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