Access domain name history with WHOIS History Lookup | WhoisXML API

Access domain name history quickly and easily with WHOIS History Lookup

Find out who the previous owners and registrars of any domain name were and get their complete contact details, name servers, and other information for your infosec and other business requirements with WHOIS History Lookup.

11.5+ billionHistorical WHOIS records
582+ millionDomains tracked
2,864+TLDs tracked
10+ yearsof data crawling

What Is a WHOIS History Lookup?

WHOIS History Lookup is an information retrieval system that allows you to look back into more than ten years’ worth of historical domain information on any domain of interest. Each lookup lets you track the latest 3 ownership changes a domain went through.

What Is a WHOIS History Lookup?

Why Use WHOIS History Lookup?

  • Comprehensive

    WHOIS History Lookup returns all the WHOIS records of a domain. It accesses a database containing more than 7 billion historical records spanning almost 2,900 top-level domains (TLDs).

  • Reliable

    We have been crawling the Web for more than a decade now, always expanding our scope and expertise in providing WHOIS history intelligence.

  • Consistent

    We make it a point to parse and structure data consistently so customers can use it as is. Every lookup report is easy to read and interpret.

  • Easy to Use and Share

    Each WHOIS History Lookup report comes with a custom URL so you can share it readily with colleagues or content consumers.

Practical usage of domain name history

Domain Owner History Lookup Makes Cybercriminal Investigations more Comprehensive

Domain Owner History Lookup Makes Cybercriminal Investigations more Comprehensive

  • Deepen any investigation on a suspicious domain by looking at its historical footprint.
  • Find out more about a privacy-protected domain by digging into its historical ownership details.
  • Build attacker profiles complete with their domain portfolios (past and present) with the help of WHOIS history lookups.

Look up Ownership to Bolster Your Domain Reputation

  • Associations with disreputable websites, IP addresses, former registrants, and more can tarnish your domain’s reputation. Avoid such connections by digging as far back as you can on your domain’s history.
  • Even the best search engine optimization (SEO) efforts won’t work on a disreputable domain. Make sure that the authoritative domain you’re eyeing for your company has no violations by scrutinizing its entire history.
  • Don’t put your email deliverability at stake. Looking into the past of a domain you’re considering for business expansion will let you see if it has associations that may cause it to be blacklisted.
Look up Ownership to Bolster Your Domain Reputation
Find Out All There Is to Know about a Customer, Partner, or Competitor

Find Out All There Is to Know about a Customer, Partner, or Competitor

  • Lessen third-party risks by investigating potential customers’ or partners’ domains. They may reveal hidden details that can affect your business.
  • Never allow third-party vendor access to your network without investigating them first. Perform WHOIS history lookups on their domains to gauge if they’re trustworthy.
  • Discover as much as you can about your competitors to know what you’re up against. Their domains’ history can tell you all about them.

For a more a comprehensive analysis of domain owners’ and registrar history, give Domain Research Suite (DRS) a try.

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