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We designed our WHOIS history product line for easy and varied access to our archive of 21.0B+ WHOIS records with domain history ownership data via Lookup, API calls, or Database Download.

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21.0 Billion+WHOIS records
7,596+TLDs and ccTLDs tracked
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Access to our 21.0B+ historical WHOIS records is possible via:

WHOIS History Lookup | WhoisXML API

WHOIS History Lookup

Check historical WHOIS records of domain names in one click with our web interface.

WHOIS History API | WhoisXML API


You can keep track of how a domain’s ownership has evolved using API calls to supplement existing systems and applications.

Historic WHOIS Data Feed | WhoisXML API

Historic WHOIS Data Feed

Get bulk access to billions of historical WHOIS records. Download a free sample.

WHOIS History Search | Whois XML API

WHOIS History Search

Investigate domain history ownership in-depth and much more using the capabilities of our Domain Research Suite (DRS) dashboard.

Benefits of our domain WHOIS history products

  • Backed by billions of records

    Our WHOIS History product line relies on a comprehensive WHOIS database that contains billions of current and historical domain records. Our domain intelligence is continuously updated with the latest registration occurrences.

  • Precise and well-detailed WHOIS records

    Besides the breadth of records contained in our WHOIS database, our data offers depth with all relevant data points you might need to check domain ownership and registrar history with precision.

WHOIS History Overview | WhoisXML API

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What is a domain’s WHOIS history?

The WHOIS history of a domain name is also referred to as domain ownership history. It consists of the list of the domain's past owners, their address and contact information, and other registration details, as shown in WHOIS records.

WHOIS history

Practical uses

  • Cybersecurity


    Integrate historical WHOIS records to your security platforms to better manage attack surfaces.

    Identify anomalies in historical WHOIS records as part of risk assessment strategies.

  • Marketing


    Don’t let domain names with a checkered past interfere with your marketing activities.

    Enrich your customer profiles with access to WHOIS information prior to redaction.

  • Domaining and registrar activities

    Domaining and registrar activities

    Check a domain’s past before purchasing or selling it.

    Make more informed domain transfer and monitor changes in WHOIS records.

  • Law enforcement

    Law enforcement

    Look for clues in WHOIS history records, including cybercriminals’ identifiable information.

  • Fraud prevention

    Fraud prevention

    Use domain history records as part of your fraud prevention techniques.

  • Market research

    Market research

    Learn more about the domains that pertain to or once pertained to your competitors, customers, and other industry players.

Frequently asked questions

  • How old will the oldest WHOIS records be?

    Our oldest WHOIS records date back to 2010.

  • Will each WHOIS record be unique?

    Yes, each record is unique and added to our database as a result of a change in a domain’s WHOIS recorded data.

  • Can I get a free trial?

    Yes, we offer 10 free WHOIS History queries upon signup. You can check our pricing and plans for more credits.

  • Do you offer WHOIS history solutions for enterprise?

    Yes, access to our WHOIS history data is possible via our Enterprise API and Enterprise Data Feed Packages.

  • Why choose WhoisXML API’s historical WHOIS data?

    We have possibly the largest WHOIS history database with 21.0B+ WHOIS records across 7,596 TLDs. We have partnerships with most major registrars to keep our data fresh and accurate.

  • How do I get started?

    Go ahead and sign up to use your free credits right away for WHOIS History Lookup and WHOIS History Search. Use your unique API key and access our code libraries for easy integration.

WHOIS History Overview | WhoisXML API

Get 500 free API credits. No credit card required.

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