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Our WHOIS History API enables the integration of historical WHOIS domain records

Start checking historical WHOIS records via API calls in your developed systems and commercial applications.

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11.5+ billionHistorical WHOIS records
582+ millionDomains tracked
2,864+TLDs tracked
10+ yearsof data crawling


  • Complete history of WHOIS changes

    Track all changes in domain ownership and registration for the past 10 years from our daily-updated database that contains billions of current and historical WHOIS records.

  • Unified & consistent

    There is no need to spend days programming to get the job done. Whois History API integration is made easier with code libraries and JSON & XML output formats.

Practical usage of historical whois

Cyber-security research

Cyber-security research

Use WHOIS History API to look up the hidden identity of past domain owners and identify attacker’s historical footprints — before privacy records.

Online fraud prevention

Find out who might be committing online fraud or attacking your network with WHOIS History API.

Digital marketing

Get in-depth insights into your customer base. Use WHOIS History API to conduct statistical and market share analyses to improve marketing strategies, zoom in on the right markets, and identify untapped opportunities.

Digital marketing
Domain name’s research

Domain name’s research

Use WHOIS History API to do in-depth research into a domain’s past and avoid potential liabilities. You can also start your investigations using other WHOIS History products.

Run investigations with web access to historical WHOIS records using the Domain Research Suite Dashboard.

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Take integration to the next level with our historical WHOIS data offered via database downloads

Our 11.5+ billion historical WHOIS records are normalized, consistent, adequately parsed, and can be downloaded in CSV and MySQL files for prompt integration without the need for API calls.

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WHOIS History API | WhoisXML API

Get 500 free API credits. No credit card required.

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Enterprise API Packages

We offer more than historical WHOIS data. Check our Enterprise API Packages for access to other comprehensive DNS and IP intelligence sources to strengthen your data integration, analysis, and correlation activities.

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