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WhoisXML API Historical WHOIS Intelligence Now Covers 20+ Billion Records

We are thrilled to announce that our historical WHOIS database now contains more than 20 billion WHOIS records. This continuous repository expansion plays an important role in strengthening and deepening cybersecurity investigations, digital risk protection, and attacker footprinting, among other use cases.

WhoisXML API has been actively upgrading its WHOIS history product coverage for more than 14 years now of WHOIS data collection, aggregation, and processing. In recent years, we have had several notable repository expansions. From 13.7+ historical WHOIS records in Q1 2022, our coverage rose to 15.6 billion in Q1 2023. This year, we saw an estimated 28% increase, with our historical WHOIS data now spanning more than 20 billion records.

With this coverage expansion, WhoisXML API users can bolster:

  • Cybersecurity solution capabilities: Security platform developers can integrate historical WHOIS data into their solutions to build differentiating capabilities and enrich adjacent intelligence sources, such as threat intelligence feeds, to better understand  domain names’ history and potential risk factors.
  • Threat investigations: Access to extensive and deep historical WHOIS data enables security researchers and investigators to uncover past domain ownership and registration details to build a more comprehensive map of an attacker’s infrastructure and movements and identify connections between seemingly unrelated domains used in phishing campaigns, malware distribution, or other malicious activities.
  • Marketing strategies: Marketing professionals can track the domain registrations of competitors and other market players to gain insights into their branding strategies and potential future website and product launches.
  • Domain name investing and registrar activities: Domain name investors can more accurately identify domains with valuable historical ownership data that could indicate potential brand recognition or past marketing efforts. Moreover, registrars can use historical WHOIS data to identify registration trends in specific industries or demographics, allowing for more targeted marketing campaigns.

About Our WHOIS History Offerings

WhoisXML API’s historical WHOIS data collection covers a variety of ownership and administrative data points, including:

  • Domain creation, update, and expiration dates
  • Name servers
  • WHOIS servers
  • Registrar name
  • Domain status
  • Registrant name and contact information
  • Administrative name and contact details
  • Technical name and contact data
  • Billing name and contact details
  • Zone contact details

The significant increase in our historical WHOIS data coverage benefits all our WHOIS history products.

  • WHOIS History API: Integrate historical domain ownership information into existing security systems and tools via API calls. WHOIS History API integration is made easier with prewritten code libraries. Test our API here.
  • WHOIS History Database: Access a comprehensive collection of historical WHOIS records in unified and well-parsed files within your own environment. Download a file sample now.
  • WHOIS History Lookup: Perform quick and easy historical WHOIS lookups for individual domains. Test the lookup tool now.
  • WHOIS History Search: Access historical WHOIS data within our Domain Research Suite (DRS), an 11-in-1 web-based solution to search and monitor domain registrations, expirations, and ownership, among other details. Create a free account today.

Each WHOIS history product is designed with client convenience and use cases in mind. This recent and massive coverage increase is set to empower organizations and security teams even more.

To learn more about our WHOIS history products and how our 20+ billion records can empower your cybersecurity and business use cases, please contact us.

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